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      Everyone is full of congrats and affection about this lucky break I caught and the "15 minutes of fame" I will receive by actually making it into the Micheal Moore movie "SiCKO".

      I am very excited and quite passionate about this subject. My part is just a small segway that moves the story from Canada and it's health care system, over to England and its Universal care which I was able to use in great way while vacationing there in London some 10 years ago. So here is a journal of my proud day at the Movie Premier last Thursday, June 14th in Seattle when I got a rare chance to meet Micheal Moore and see his innovative and eye opening documentary "SiCKO".

Also visit Micheal's everchanging website. It is loaded with cool stuff.
READ MORE .... http://www.michaelmoore.com/

      First off, they called from Hollywood and invited me to go just one day before the event. I was asked to RSVP, so i cleared my schedule asap, hired someone to fill in for me at The Viking and choose a "guest" to come along and share this cool moment with me. My sister Katherine had emailed me offering to go if it came up. In fact she was the only one with the exception of her son that showed any interest, of driving so far just to see a movie. It also helps that she lives in Seattle! Duh! So I asked her and she said yes. Very cool.

      We were to meet at the venue by the Paramount just off Pine street called "AMC Pacific cinemas", which was on the 4th floor of a shopping mall. My sis wanted to buy me lunch, so we were to meet at 5pm giving us over an hour before we needed to check in with Micheal Moore's crew. I Left Olympia around 3:42, and with a little traffic hassle here and there I actually arrived at the theater by 5:07pm! I did not make even one wrong turn and landed in the parking garage in the same building as the theater! Katherine was stuck in traffic, but arrived within a half hour. We had Delicious margaritas, and a chicken casadea at a little Mexican bar a small walk away from the venue. Yummy.

      So we checked in as VIP's, and were escorted to a roped off section of the screening room and sat with the PRESS. Micheal Moore arrived with his sister Anne Moore, who greeted me and said "You are the one that provided some much needed comic relief in the middle of our little picture, Thank You". And that was coming from one of the producers! Micheal greeted the crowd and announced he would have a question and answer session after the film. Then he took his seat about 3 feet from us, directly in front of me, down 2 rows. When they brought him a tray of movie food, he said "Wow, so you feeding me? Are all the food groups represented here?" Between you and me, it was just popcorn and soda, the usual crap I always avoid at the movies. No apples.

      So we watched the flick. I loved it! I say, just go and see it. I do not want to spoil it for you! I will say that my part arrives about half way through the film. Micheal plowed through 4 hours of my vacation videos, and carefully edited them down for this transitional time in the movie. They included:

The Plane ride

   Singing a-Capella original song "Oh England" at the London Hotel with my friend Ken

   Sitting on the steps of the legendary "Abby Road Studios" where the Beatles recorded the bulk of their work. I was shooting the cover art for my debut album "I'm Alive", which was released in 1998.

   My famous fall on Abby Road where I was walking on my hands for the unique photo opportunity.

   Waking up in the Hospital after having my shoulder pushed back into place by English medics.

   Enjoying my "Less than $10" medication that came along with me FREE MEDICAL SERVICE!

   Micheal makes the comment that I had to enjoy London "My own way". He then proceeds to go to England to see if what I say is true about the meds and the FREE health care!

   If you watch the entire credits, my name appears in alphabetical order, just above Eddie Vedder, of Pearl Jam fame!

      So after the movie He addressed the crowd for about a half hour. The first thing he did was point me out by name, and I got a loud cheer of recognition. This was highlight for me! I stood up and put me hands in the air in acknowledgment and the he said something like "Eric gives Hope to all those musicians in the world out there"! So that was awesome.

      On the way out of the complex I was actually recognized by several people. This was cool, since in the film I was sporting a beard,mustache, and much longer hair. All in all it was a great night, quite a highlight for a young kid like me from Olympia, Washington! Thanks Mike!

      My sister Katherine seemed to enjoy herself, so I dropped her at her car and headed back to Olympia with a big smile on my face. And there you have it. Thanks everyone for your support and interest. By all means go and see this movie! It will open on June 29th, and I simply cannot wait to see it again!

     As a result of my involvement with the movie SiCKO, the media has picked up the story and plastered all across the web. Here are some direct links for you enjoyment!

This is the VIDEO footage from the Olympian about Eric:
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This is the RADIO segment from KOMO about Eric:
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Courtesy of The Olympian: This is the written article about Eric:
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      Feel free to respond to this email! I would love to hear from you! And special thanks to Micheal Moore and his camp. They were gracious and great! My sister wanted to add her two cents worth about the whole experience. So take it away.

      Email Eric Turnbow:etcosmic2000@yahoo.com

      Hi all, here's a memento photo (although I regret that its not the personal Eric & Michael shot I'd hoped for, as they immediately whisked him out the back following the Q&A). I also want to add one little item that was omitted from Eric's report.

      When Michael Moore first entered the room with his entourage, they paused on the landing very close to our seats. As he turned to see where an aid was pointing out his seat, he immediately spotted Eric, smiled, bowed his head and mouthed the words "thank you". It was really very sweet. It was clear that after reviewing Eric's videos there was a real kindred connection. I'm sure he must have been tempted to tell the other part of the story as well (the peritonitis nightmare back in the US that led to his "I'm Alive!" collection), but using the same person twice would have detracted from the overall flow of what he was doing. But it is a charming clip, and Eric's passion for music comes across as the zeal behind his "wanting to cross Abbey Road in his own special way". So I hope he can use his 15 minutes to drum up a bit of business -- as there were quite a few adoring fans that approached us afterwards (including a comely little gal originally from Olympia who I hope stops by the Viking).

      As for me, I have a great deal of respect for Michael Moore and his works. Indeed, his common theme of leaders who use fear to manipulate followers shows real presence. Perhaps I might exploit my brother's coat-tails and persuade him to do a future project.


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