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Eric was featured in Michael Moore's movie "SiCKO". This is the article that The Daily Olympian, our local Newspaper published on the subject from June 28, 2007. Enjoy!

Moore's movie 'SiCKO' spotlights Olympia man

Breanne Coats
The Olympian

OLYMPIA When Eric "E.T." Turnbow of Olympia videotaped himself doing a handstand on London's Abbey Road in 1997, it had two unintended consequences: a fall that landed him in the hospital, and a role in director Michael Moore's new movie, "Sicko."

Turnbow, now 46, dislocated his shoulder and thought the resulting medical costs would ruin his vacation. He was surprised that during his hospital stay, which lasted several hours, he had to pay only for his medication. The cost was 5 pounds, the equivalent of less than $10 at the time.

"Sicko" will be in theaters Friday, including the Regal Martin Village 16 in Lacey. The film, Moore's first since "Fahrenheit 9/11" in 2004, is a documentary aimed at highlighting the faults of the U.S. health care system.

Turnbow said his London experience is used as a bridge for Moore to go from North America to Europe in the film. He said Moore goes to England to see if health care there is really that inexpensive.

Turnbow never talked directly to Moore during filming but said that at a premiere of "Sicko" June 14 in Seattle, Moore recognized him immediately and mouthed "thank you."

"(Moore's) sister (Anne Moore) made the comment, 'You are the one that provided some comic relief in the middle of our little picture,' " Turnbow said about the premiere.

Turnbow, a guitarist, singer and karaoke disc jockey, said he has been entertaining people since grade school. The passionate Beatles fan his house is adorned with artifacts featuring the band was in London to visit the place where The Beatles recorded. He was filming himself on the stretch of road immortalized on the cover of the Beatles album "Abbey Road" when he fell.

He said about Moore, "I believe what he stands for. He's kind of a rebel, and I'm kind of a rebel as well."

He agrees with Moore's stance about socialized medicine.

"What they need to do is take the profit factor out of medicine," Turnbow said.

Turnbow works nights as a DJ at the Viking Lounge in Lacey and owns E.T.'s Cosmic Karaoke. He said he surfs the Web as a hobby and subscribes to Moore's e-mail list.

Picked from 25,000

Moore had sent a message to his e-mail group asking for medical-treatment stories. Turnbow said Moore picked his response from about 25,000.

In his message to Moore, Turnbow mentioned his short experience with England's socialized health care.

"(Moore) just thought the thing on Abbey Road was funny," Turnbow said. "I don't mind a good laugh at my expense. I was honored to be a part of it."

After dozens of phone calls with Moore's assistants and turning over evidence to show his story was true, Turnbow received notification about a month ago that his story made it into the movie.

Moore's assistants sifted through four hours of Turnbow's vacation footage and compiled a piece about two minutes long. Turnbow said it includes his arrival in London, singing an original song with a friend, the soon-to-be-famous fall and him on medication.

Turnbow took his sister, Katherine Peil, to the premiere. Other family members plan to see his big-screen debut Friday.

"It's fun," said his mother, Jean. "Not everyone walks on their hands on Abbey Road."

Besides VIP passes to the Seattle premiere, Turnbow did not receive compensation.

"I didn't ask for any money because I'm in it for the cause and to be immortalized," he said.

Breanne Coats is a news intern at The Olympian. She can be reached at 360-704-6871 or bcoats@theolympian.com. Click HERE for Northwest Karaoke and Entertainment Guide News Stories about ET.

Click HERE for MountainX News Story quoting ET.

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