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These are the all time favorite and most requested Wedding songs compiled by E.T. over a decade of DJ-ing

01.   When I Said "I Do"               ( Clint and Lisa Hartman Black)
02.   Amazed                                ( Lonestar)
03.   It's Your Love                        (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill)
04.   I Cross My Heart                    (George Straight) 
05.   Love and Marraige               (Frank Sinatra)
06.   Grow Old With Me                (Adam Sandler from The Wedding Singer)
07.   Because You Love Me          (Celine Dion)
08.   Wonderfull Tonight               (Eric Clapton)
09.   Once In a Lifetime                (Alabama)
10.   Unchained Melody                (Rhiteous Brothers)
11.   Unforgettable                        (Natalie and Nat King Cole) 
12.   At Last                                  (Etta James)
13.   The Promise                         (Tracy Chapman)
14.   Your Song                             (Elton John)
15.   Wind Beneath My Wings       (Bette Midler)
16.   I Knew I Loved You              (Savage Garden)      
17.   I Could Not Ask For More      (Sarah Evans)
18.   Your Still The One                 (Shania Twain)
19.   When You Say Nothoing At All      (Alison Krause and Union Station)
20.   Back At One                           (Brian McKnight) 
21.   Lets Make Love                     (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill)
22.   Truly, Madly,Deeply              (Savage Garden)  
23.   Color My World                     (Chicago)
24.   My Heart Will Go On             (Celine Dion from Titanic)  
25.   A Momement Like This         (Kelly Clarkston)
26.   I Wanna Love Somebody Like You          (Kieth Urban)
27.   All Or Nothing At All              (O- Town)
28.   To Make You Feel My Love   (E.T. or Garth Brooks)
29.    I Will Always Love You         (Whitney Houston)
30.   Time In a Bottle                     (Jim Croce)
31.   Always                                   (Atlantic Starr)
32.   Chapell Of Love                     (The Dixie Cups)
33.   When a Man Loves a Woman     (Percy Sledge)
34.   My Girl                                   (The Temptations)  
35.   Cannon In D Minor                 (Traditional Wedding March) 
36.   Amazing Grace                      (Traditional Irish Bagpipes)       

These songs were requested especially for weddings we have done over the years.


01.   Amazing Grace   (Irish Bag Pipes)
02.   Here Comes The Bride   (For when the bride arrives)
03.   Final Wedding March)    (For when the bride leaves)
04.   The Promice   (Tracry Chapman) First Dance
05.   I Cross My Heart   (George Straight)
06.   Graceland   (Paul Simon)
07.   Happy Together    (The Turtles)
08.   FlashDance   (Irene Cara)
09.   Sweet Home Alabama  (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
10.   Grease  (Bee Gee's)
11.   Summer  Nights   (John Travolta & Olivia Newton John)
12.   We Are Family   (Sister Sledge)
13.   Fields Of Gold   (Sting)
14.   Wild Wild West   (Will Smith)
15.   I Shot THe Sherrif   (Eric Clapton)
16.   LaBamba   (Los Lobos)    fast
17.   Oh Pretty Woman   (Roy Orbison)    fast
18.   Stoned Love   (Supremes)
19.   Respect   (Aretha Franklin)
20.   Summer Nights    (John Travolta & Olivia Newton John)
21.   When a Man Loves  a woman    (Percy Sledge)


01.   Lay Down Sally  (Eric Clapton) 
12.   It's Your Love  (Tim McGraw & Faith Hill))
03.   Amazed   (LoneStar)
04.   Canon in D Minor   (Clasical wedding piece as requested)
05.   Cecilia   (Simon & Garfunkle)
06.   Morning Has Broken   (Cat Stevens)
07.   The Middle   (Jimmy Eat World)  fast
08.   Don't Stop   (Rolling Stones)        fast
09.   Joy To The World   (Three Dog Night)
10.   Give Me One Reason  (Tracy Chapman)
11.   Don't Stop Thinking About Tommorrow   (Fleetwood Mac)
12.   Archiles Last Stand  (Led Zepplen)
13.   You Can Call Me Al  (Paul Simon)
14.   Dirty Laundry  (Don Henly)
15.   Dream On Live   (Aerosmith)
16.   Go Your Own Way   (Fleetwood Mac)
17.   In MY LIfe   (Beatles)
18.   Whole Lot Of Love    (Led Zepplen)

LAKE WEDDING THREE   (Country flavored)

01.   Crazy   (Patsy Cline)
02.   Black Velvet   (Allanah Miles)
03.   Heres a quarter  (Travis Tritt)  Waltz
04.   Honey, I'm Home   (Shania Twain)
05.   Fast As You   (Dwight Yoakum)
06.   Don't Rock The Juke Box  (Alan Jackson)
07.   The Lucky One   (Alison Krause)
08.   I Fell To Pieces      (Patsy Cline)
09.   I Feel Lucky   (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
10.   I Like It, I Love It   (Toby Keith)
11.   Nobody in His Right Mind   (George Straight)
12.   Livin' on Love   (Alan Jackson)
13.   County Club   (Travis Tritt)
14.   Independence Day   (Martina McBride)
15.   Inside The Pocket of a Clown   (Dwight Yoakum)
16.   Indian Outlaw   (Tim McGraw)
17.   Some Kind of Trouble   (Tanya Tucker)
18.   Mercury Blues    (Alan Jackson)
19.   Walking After Midnight    (Patsy Cline)
20.   When You Say Nothing at All   (Patsy Cline)
21.   Guys Do It All The Time  (Mindy McCreedy)
22.   A Little Less Talk And  Alot More Action  (Toby Kieth)
23.   Somekind of Trouble   (Tanya Tucker)
24.   My Baby Loves Me   (martina McBride)

LAKE WEDDING FOUR   (Country flavored)

01.   Rose of San Antone  (Reba Macintire)
02.   Tonight the Heartache's on Me (Dixie Chicks)
03.   Should Have Been a Cowboy  (Toby Keith)
04.   Strawberry Wine  (Deena Cater)  Waltz
05.   The Good Stuff   (Denny Chesney)
06.   The Man He Didn't Have to Be  (Brad Paisley)
07.   Wide Open Spaces  (Dixie Chicks)
08.   She's Got It All   (Kenny Chesney)
09.   Sittin'  On tHe Dock Of a Bay  (Ottis Redding)
10.   Neon Moon   (Brooks & Dunn)   cha cha
11.   Somebody Like You    (Keith Urban)
12.   Whisky Aint Working   (Travis Tritt & Marty Stewert)
13.   Brand New Man     (Brooks & Dunn)
14.   Write This Down     (George Straight)
15.   Brand New Man      (Brooks & Dunn)  
16.   Friends In Low Places   (Garth Brooks)
17.   Hand Jive   (Grease Soundtract)
18.   Oakie From Muskokee  (Merle haggerd)
19.   Oh, Pretty Woman   (Roy Orbison)
20.   Respect   (Aretha Franklin)
21.   Callin' Baton Rouge   (Garth Brooks)
22.   Call Him Daddy  (Toby Keith)
23.   Amazing Grace  (Irish Bagpipes)

LAKE WEDDING FIVE   (Country flavored)

01.   Strawberry Wine   (Deana Carter)  Waltz
02.   Two Pina Coladas  live     (Garth Brooks)
03.   Boot Scoot Boogy     (Brooks & Dunn) 
04.   Ring Of Fire   (Johnny Cash)
05.   The End Of Innocence  (Don Henley)
06.   Ring Of Fire   (Johnny cash)
07.   Friends In Low Places    (Garth Brooks)
08.   Willy & The Hand Jive   (Eric Clapton)
09.   Don't Stop Thinking About Tommorrow  (Fleetwood Mac)
10.   Folsom Prison    (Johnny Cash)
11.   Keep Your Hands To Yourself   (Georgia Sattelites)
12.   Just The Cowboy In Me   (Tim McGraw)
13.   Seminol Wind   (John Anderson)
14.   Two Of a Kind. Working On a Full House    (Garth Brooks)
15.   Second Hand News   (Fleetwood Mac)
16.   You Got a Friend    (James Tayler)
17.   White Stripes Song)
18.   Sweet Child of Mine  (Sheryl Crow)
19.   Kashmeir   (Led Zepplen)

LAKE WEDDING SIX   (Country flavored)
01.   Once In a Lifetime                             (Alabama)
02.   Tough Little Boy                                (Gary Allen)
03.   Then They Do                                    (Trace Adkins)
04.   The Way You Look Tonight               (Frank Sinatra)
05.   When I Said I Do                               (Clint/Lisa Hartman Black)
06.   No PLace That Far                            (Sarah Evans)
07.   The Keeper Of The Stars                   (Tracy Byrd)
08.   Unforgettable                                    (Natalie and Nat King Cole)
09.   At Last                                               (Etta James)
10.   I Get Caried Away                             (George Straight)
11.   Unchained Melody                            (Rhiteous Brothers)
12.   Picture                                              (Kid Rock and Sheryle Crow)
13.   Your Song                                         (Elton John)
14.   Back At One                                      (Brian McKnight)
15.   My Girl                                              (Temptations)
16.   Let's Get It On                                   (Marvin Gaye)
17.   With Eyes Wide Open                       (Creed)
18.   Glory Of Love                                   (Peter Cetara)
19.   I Knew I Loved You                          (Savage Garden)
20.   Wind Beneath My Wings                  (Bette Midler)

LAKE WEDDING SEVEN   (Charity and Lake Lawrence special)
01.   I Could Not Ask For More                 (Sarah Evans)
02.   Amazed                                           (Lonestar)
03.   Because You Loved Me                   (Celine Dion)
04.   It's Your Love                                   (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill)
05.   Still In Saiigon                                 (Charlie Daniels)
06.   Beaty and The Beast                        (Celine Dion and P. Bryson)
07.   When You Say Nothing At All           (Alison Krause & Union Station)
08.   Grow Old With Me                            (Adam Sandler, wedding singer)
09.   Love and Marraige                           (Frank Sinatra)
10.   Ladies Night                                     (Kool and The Gang)
11.   Let's Get It On                                   (Marvin Gaye)
12.   Landlside live                                   (Fleetwood Mac)
13.   One Love                                          (Bob Marley)
14.   To Love You More                            (Celine Dion)
15.   Five O'Clock Somewhere                 (Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett)
16.   Hurt                                                   (Johnny Cash)
17.   National Anthem		 (Whitney Houston)
18.   Where were you when the world stopped   (Alan Jackson)
19.   Raghgedy Old Flag                           (Johnny Cash)
20.   Man In Black		                 (Johnny Cash)
21.   Boy Named Sue                                (Johnny Cash)

These songs were requested by Junior High and High School students for their dances or other school functions.


01.   To Make You Feel My Love   (Kelly Clarksen)
02.   Complicated    (A. Laviene)
03.   Walking In The Sun    (Smashmouth)
04.   Sometimes   (Brittany Spears)
05.   Like I Love You   (Justin Timberlake)
06.   Caremel   (City Hig)
07.   Hey Ma   (Nick Carter)
08.   The Real Slim Shady   (M&M)  clean version
09.    Overprotected      (Brittany Spears)
10.    Help Me   (Nick Carter)
11.    Hero     (E. Iglasis)
12.    I'm With You         (A. Laviene)
13.    Beauitful    (C. Agularia)
14.    Dillema
15.    I Love Rock and Roll    (Brittany Spears)
16.    Dirty      (C. Agularia)
17.    Do I have To Cry For You     (Nick Carter)
18.    Give Me The LIght
19.    Skatter Boy     (A. Laviene)
20.    Not Yet a Girl,Not a Woman       (Brittany Spears)
21.    Without Me        (M&M)  clean version


01.    Only Time    (Enya)
02.    Jenny From THe Block   (J. Lo)
03.    What You Got   (Justin Timberlake)
04.    All My Life     (K.C. and Jo Jo)
05     Tell Me It's Real       (K.C. and Jo Jo)
06.    Crazy         (K.C. and Jo Jo)
07.    A Moment Like This        (Kelly Clarksen)
08.    Before You Love         (Kelly Clarksen)
09.    I Surrender                 (Kelly Clarksen)
10.    Natural Woman          (Kelly Clarksen)
11.    Think Twice                (Kelly Clarksen)
12.     Without You               (Kelly Clarksen)
13.     It Takes Two      (Kelly & Justin)
14.     Respect     (Kelly Clarksen)
15.     Lose Yourself      (M&M)  clean version
16.     Like a Virgin     (Maddonna)
17.    Work It    (Missy Elliot)
18.    Ride With Me   (Nelley)
19.    My Confession   (Nick Carter)
20.    YMCA   (Village People)
21.    The Cha Cha Slide


01.    A Moment Like This       (Kelly Clarksen)
02.    Walk This Way       (Run DMC)
03.    We Fit Together   (O-Town)
04.    Whenever,  Whenever    (Shakira) 
05.    I'm a Believer    (Smash Mouth)
06.    Jenny FRom The Block     (J. Lo)
07.    Rappers Delight    (Sugar Hill Gang)
08.    I Swear   (O Town)  
09     My Cofession   (Nick Carter)
10.    Underneath Your Clothes    (Shakira)
11.    Real Slin Shady      (M&M)  clean version
12.    Ordinary Day    (Vanessa Carlton)
13.    Graduation Day   (Vitiman C)
14.    Work It     (Missy Elliot)
15.    Ride With Me    (Nellie)
16.    Hot In Here     (Nellie)
17.    All Or Nothing At All   (O-Town)
18.    Hot In Here     (Nellie)
19.    YMCA     (Village People)


01.    Uh Huh   (B2K)
02.    Who Am I    (Beany Man)
03.    Feel It     (Janet Jackson)
04.    All Over Me     (Blake Shelton)
05.    No Sunshine    (DMX)
06.    Rappin Delight   (Redmond & Company
07.    I'm Alive    (Godsmack)
08.    Holla Holla    (Ja Rule)
09.    Mesmerize    (Ja Rule & Ashante)      clean version
10.    What Am I Gonna Do?       (Jay Felon & Method Man & DMX)
11.    Jenny From The Block   (J. Lo)
12.    Somebody Like You    (Kieth Urban)
13.    Drink, Swear, Lie     (Kenny Chesney)
14.    How High     (Method Man & Toni Braxton)
15.    Blowin' Trees   (Nappy Roots)
16.    Watermelon Chicken    (Nappy Roots)
17.    Silver Side Up    (Nickelback)
18.    The Fast And The Furios   (Master Mix)
19.     The Real Slim Shady     (M&M)  clean version

These songs were hand picked by DJ Paul for E.T. special events ...our most kickin' dance requests!

                   Paul Hoodsport 8
1. Who Let The Dogs Out?	Baha Men
2. Booty Call		Cochise
3. La Vida Loca		Ricky Martin
4. Cha Cha Slide		Line Dance
5. Strokin'			Clarence Carter
6. Whip it 		Devo
7. Mombo #5		Lou Bega
8. Macarena		Los Del Rio
9. Cotton Eyed Joe		Rednex
10. YMCA			Village People
11. Watermelon Crawl	Tracy Byrd
12. Electric Slide		Monica Griffin
13. The Reflex		Duran Duran
14. I Will Survive		Gloria Ganor
15. Shake Your Bon Bon	Ricky Martin
16. Whomp! There It Is	The Tag Team

E.T.'s classic rock n roll selections.

E.T.'s DJ Classic Rock Picks 

01.  Wild Wild West    (Will Smith)
02.  Sharp Dressed Man  (Z.Z. Top)
03.  Every Morning  (Sugar Ray)
04.  Smooth  (Santana & Rob Thomas)
05.  All Star  (Smash Mouth)
06.  American Woman  (Lenny Kravittz)
07.  Balimos  (E. Iglasis)
08.  Waterfalls  (TLC)
09.  You Oughta Know  (A. Morsette)
10.  Any Man Of Mine  (Shania Twain)
11.  Dancing In The Dark  (B. Springsteen)
12.  Born In The USA  (B. Springsteen)
13.  Jumpin' Jack Flash  (Stones)
14.  Honkey Tonk Woman  (Stones)
15.  Iris  (Goo Goo Dolls)
16.  Ray Of Light  (Maddonna)
17.  Wide Open Spaces  (Dixie Chicks)


01.   Maria Maria  (Santana)
02.   Miserlou     (Ventures)
03.   Wipe Out    (Ventures)
04.   Hawaii 5-0   (Ventures)
05.   Gimme All Your Lovin'   (ZZ Top)
06.   Tush     (ZZ Top)
07.   Gangters Paradise  (Coolio)
08.   Soul Sacrafice       (Santana)
09.   Sussidio     (Phil Collins)
10.   Dance Into The Light     (Phil Collins)
11.   Janies Got a Gun     (Aerosmith)
12.   Livin On THe Edge   (Aerosmith)
13.   You Sexy Thing    (Hot Chocolate)
14.   Stayin' Alive   (Bee Gees)
15.   How Deep IS Your Love   (Bee Gees)


01.   Start Me Up      (Stones)
02.   Start Me Up      (Stones)
03.   Devil Inside      (INXS)
04.   Footloose     (Kenny Loggins)
05.   Lets Hear It For The Boy   (Denice Williams)
06.   C'Mon Everybody  (Eddy Cockran)
07.   20 flight Rock     (Eddy Cockran)
08.   House Is Rockin'    (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
09.   Roxxane  (Police)
10.   Heart Of Rock and Roll  (Huey Lewis)
11.   Money Money   (Billy Idol)
12.   Labamba   (Los Lobos)
13.   Come On Everybody   (Los Lobos)
14.   Time Of My Life   (Dirty Dancing sound track)
15.   Susie Q. (CCR)
16.   I Feel Good  (James Brown)
17.   Bad To The Bone   (George Thorougood)


01.   Old Time Rock and Roll    (Bob Segar)
02.   Mainstreet     (Bob Segar)
03.   Allright Now   (Free)
04.   American Band   (Grand Funk)
05.   My Sharrona  (The Knack)
06.   A Pirate Looks @ 40   (Jimmy Buffet)
07.   Graceland   (Paul Simon)
08.   White Wedding    (Billy Idol)
09.   Jump Jive and Wail   (Brian Setzer Orchestra)
10.   Rock This Town      (Brian Setzer Orchestra)
11.   Danger Zone    (Kenny Loggins)
12.   Don't Stop    (Fleetwood Mac)
13.   Rock The Dinosaur   (Was Not Was)
14.   River Of Dreams   (Billy Joel)
15.  That'll Be The Day  (Buddy Holly)
16.   Not Fade Away      (Buddy Holly)
17.   Change The World    (Eric Clapton & Baby Face)


01.   White Room    (Cream)
02.   Green Eyed Lady  (Sugar Loaf)
03.   Satuday Nights Allright For Fighting  (Elton John)
04.   Takin' Care Of Business     (BTO)
05.   Sweet Home Alabama   (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
06.    Rock and Roll   (Led Zepplen)
07.    Jingo    (Santana)
08.    Walk This Way   (Aerosmith)
09.    Summer Of 69     (Brian Adams)
10.    Believe   (Cher)
11.    Frankenstien   (Edgar Winter)
12.    Me and Bobby MaGee    (Janis Joplin)
13.    One Way Or Another    (Blondie)
14.    Hit Me With Your Best Shot   (Pat Benatar)
15.    Sweet Child Of Mine   (Sheryl Crow)
16.    Money, That's What I want   (The Beatles)
17.    Twist & Shout    (The Beatles)
18.    Paperback Writer     (The Beatles)

Charity's top requests.

1.   Original Prankster
2.   Whenever Whenever  (Shakira)
3.   Soak Up The Sun  (Sheryl Crow)
4.   YMCA  (Village People)
5.   Celebration  (Kool and The Gang)
6.   Steal My Sunshine
7.   Electric Slide  (Marcia Griffith)
8.   Smooth Criminal  
9.   Back THat Thang Up
10.  Quad City DJ's
11.  Word Up (Cameo)
12.  Humpty Dance (Digital Underground)
13.  Push It  
14.  Baby Got Back  (Sir MIx-A-Lot)
15.  Ice Ice Baby  (Vanilla Ice)
16.  Wild Thing (Tone Loc)
17.  Bad Touch  
18.  Cowboy  (Kid Rock)

1.   Hot In Here  (Nellie)
2.   Get THe Party Started  (Pink)
3.   It Wasn't Me  (Shaggy, Decent, &Ricardo)
4.   Without You  (Maiah Carey)
5.   Hey Baby  (No Doubt)
6.   Angel  (Shaggy)
7.   California Love
8.   Ride My Pony  
9.   Lady Marmalade  (Pink, C. Agulaia, Little Kim)
10.  Pretty Fly For a White Guy  (Offspring)
11.  Blood Bath  (Incomplete)
12.  Pour Some Sugar On Me  (Def Leppard)
13.  Break Stuff
14.  Rollin'
15.  Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This  (Eurithmics)
16.  Fast Love  (George Micheal)
17.  Don't Tell Me  (Maddonna)
18. The Longest Time  (Billy Joel)

1.   Broken Home
2.   She Loves Me Not
3.   Control
4.   Cumbersome
5.   It's All Been Done  (Bare Naked Ladies)
6.   Black   (Pearl Jam)
7.   Jeremy  (Pearl Jam)
8.   Strong Enough To BE Your Man  (Sheryl Crow)
9.   Stand Back   (Stevie Nicks)
10.  Breakdown  (Tom Petty)
11.  Wasting My Time
12.  Never Again
13.  Underneath Your Clothes  (Shakira)
14.  Follow Me  (Uncle Kracker)
15.  Best Song In The World
16.  Yellow  (Coldplay)
17.  Drive  

1.   It's Been Awhile   (Staind)
2.   Outside
3.   Teenage Dirt Bag
4.   Run Around  (Blues Traveller)
5.   Song 2  (Blur)
6.   Mother
7.   Long Time Gone  (Dixie Chicks)
8.   Pardon Me
9.   Too Bad
10.  Paper Bag
11.  Feelin' Allright  (Joe Cocker)
12.  Fast As You Can
13.  Betty Davis Eyes  (Kim Karnes remix)
14.  Dream On (Aerosmith)
15.  Sweet Emotion  (Aerosmith)
16.  Breath
17.  Ramstein
18.  Guilty

1.   Born To Be Wild  (Steppenwolf)
2.   Addicted To LOve  (Robert Palmer)
3.   Momey Money  (Billy Idol)
4.   Joy To THe World  (Three Dog Night)
5.   Shout  (Isley Brothers)
6.   Cherry Pie  (Warrent)
7.   Poison  (Alice Cooper)
8.   Surrender  (Cheap Trick)
9.   I couldn't Dance For Another
10. Tainted Love 
11. I will Survive  (Gloria Gayner)
12. What I like About You  (Romantics)
13. My Sharona  (The Knack)
14. Hot For Teacher  (Van Halen)
15. Brown Eyed Girl  (Van Morrison)
16. Sharp Dressed Man  (ZZ Top)
17. Silent Lucidity  (Queensryke)

1.   You REally Got Me  (Van Halen)
2.   Fat Bottem Girls  (Queen)
3.   Gimme Three Steps  (Lynyrd Skynrd)
4.   Mississippi Queen   (Mountain)
5.   Midnight Train To Georgia  (Gladis Knight)
6.   Cruisin  (Huey Lewis & Gweneth Paltro) 
7.   Just My Imagination  (BabyFace/Gwenneth Paltro)
8.   Sweet Home Alabama  (Lynyrd Skynrd)
9.   Iron Man  (Black Sabbath)
10.  Enter Sandman  (Mettallica)
11.  The Unforgiven  (Mettallica)
12.  Nothing Else Matters  (Mettallica)
13.  You Get What You GIve
14.  Everybody Have Fun Tonight  (Wang Chung)
15.  Wild thing  (The troggs)
16.  All Night Long  (Lional Ritchie)

1.   Freedom  (George Micheal)
2.   Feels So Empty Without Me  
3.   Real Slim Shady  (M&M)
4.   Come Aloing With Me  
5.   Gangsters Paradise  (Coolio)
6.   These Voices
7.   Gin & Juice
8.   Regulators
9.   This Is How We Do It
10.  You Make Me Wanna
11.  Nice and Slow
12.  Slow Jam
13.  My Way
14.  Star People
15.  Fast LOve
16.  You Can't Touch This  (M.C. Hammer)

1.    My Sharrona  (The Knack)
2.    Come Along With Me  
3.    Gangsters Paradise  (Coolio)
4.    Remix Funk So Shady
5.    These Voices
6.    Remix Funk
7.    Ride My Pony
8.    Gin & Juice
9.    Regulaters
10.  What I like About You  (The Romantics)
11.  California
12.  Hot For Teacher  (Van Halen)
13.  Brown Eyed Girl  (Van Morrison)
14.  Sharp Dressed Man  ZZ Top
15.  Macarena (Los Del Rio)
16.  Be My Lover
17.  The Bomb
18.  I Wanna Be With You
19.  Authentic Lover
20.  Beauitful Life

1.   My Sharona  (The Knack)
2.   Pretty Fly For a White Guy
3.   Runaround  (Blues Travelor)
4.   Blurr Song
5.   Courtesy of The Red, White, & Blur  (Toby Kieth)
6.    Blood Bath  (Incomplete short)
7.    Mother  (Danzig)
8.    Pour Some Sugar On Me  (Def Leoppard)
9.    Long Time Gone  (Dixie Chicks)
10.   Pardon Me  (Incubus)
11.   Careless Whisper  (George Micheal & Wham)
12.   Unchaines Melody ( Kenny G. Instrumental)
13.   Lady Marmalade  (Patty Labelle)
14.   Break Stuff
14.   Rollin
15.   This Is How We Do It

1.   Bad Touch
2.   Lady Maramalade  (Patty Labelle)
3.   Feels So Empty Without Me
4.   Rock My Pony
5.   Cowboy  (Kid Rock)
6.   Hot In here  (Nellie)
7.   Get THe Party Started  (Pink)
8.   I Will Survive  (Gloria Gayner)
9.   It Wasn'y Me   (Shaggy)
10. Follow Me  (Uncle Kracker)
11. Best Song In THe World
12.  Without You
13.  The REal Slim Shady
14.  Hey Baby  (No Doubt)
15.  Angel  (Shaggy)
16.  Love & Devotion
17.  Do Go and Get

1.   Original Prankster
2.   Broken Home
3.   She Loves Me Not  (Incomplete)
4.   Control
5.   Via Delarosa  (Christian song)
6.   Cumbersome
7.   Whenever, Whenever  (Shakira)
8.   Soak Up The Sun  (Cheryl Crow)
9.   Coutesy Of THe Red White & Blue  (Toby Kieth)
10.  It's Al;l Been Done  (Barenaked Ladies)
11.  Living on a Prayer (Bon JOvi)
12.  Sucky Song  (Moulan Rouge)
13.  Black   (Pearl Jam)
14.  Daughter   (Pearl Jam)  
15.  Jeremy  (Pearl Jam)
16.  Strong Enough To Be Your Man  (Stevie Nicks live)
17.  Stand Back  (Stevie Nicks)
18.  Break Down  (Tom Petty)


1.   She's My Sunshine
2.   Electric Slide  (Marcia Griffith)
3.   Cherry Pie  (Warrent)
4.   Funky Town    (IPPS INC.)
5.   Poison  (Alice Cooper)
6.   Smooth Criminal
7.   Surrender  (Cheap Trick)
8.   Magic Carpet Ride  (Remix)
9.   Wasting My Time
10.  Tootsie Roll
11.   Irresistable Remix
12.  Back That Thang Up
13.  Never Again
14.  She Fucking Hates Me
15.  Quad City DSS
16.  Underneath Your Clothes  (Shakira)
17.  Scat Man
18.  Bombastic

CHARITY DANCE MIX Volume  Thirteen:
1.   Dirty
2.   Brass Monkey
3.   Humpty Dance  (Digital Underground)
4.   Atomic Dog   (George Clinton)
5.   I Couldn't Dance For Another
6.   1999  (Prince)
7.    Pump Up The Volume
8.   Push It  (Salt & Peppa)
9.   Baby Got Back  (Sir Mix Alot)
10.  Tainted LOve
11.  Whomp There It Is
12.  Ice Ice Baby  (Vanilla Ice)
13.  Wild Thing  (the Troggs)
14.  Bust a Move
15.  It Takes Two
16.  Atomic Dog   (George Clinton)

CHARITY DANCE MIX Volume  Fourteen:
1.   Freedom  (George Micheal)
2.   Sweet Dreams  (Eurithmics)
3.   Sweet Emotion  (Aerosmith)
4.   Fast As You Can
5.   Father Figure   (George Micheal)
6.   Paper Bag
7.   Fast Love
8.   Dream On  (Aerosmith)
9.   Faith   George Micheal)
10. Just My Love
11. Don't Tell Me   (Maddona)
12. Bette Davis Eyes  (Remix)
13. Roll Call  (Lauren Hill)
14. Lost Ones  (Lauren Hill)
15. Heart Of Glass  (Blondie)
16. Any Man Of Mine  (Shania Twain)

current tracks selected from the GRAMMY NOMINEES

1.   A Thousand Miles  (Vanessa Carlton)
2.   Don't Know Why  (Nora Jones)
3.   How You Remind Me  (Nickelback)
4.   Landlside  (Dixie Chicks)
5.   Without Me  (M&M)
6.   Hot In Herre   (Nelly)
7.   Foolish  (Ashanti)
8.   All You Wanted  (Michelle Branch)
9.   Complicated  (Avril Lavene)
10.  Your Body Is a Wonderland  (John Mayer)
11.  Soak Up The Sun  (Sheryl Crow)
12.  Get The Party Started  (Pink)
13.  Overprotected  (Britany Spears)
14.  7 Days  (Craig David)
15.  Fragile  (Sting)
16.  October Road  (James Taylor)
17.  Girl All The Bad Boys Want  (Bowling For Soup)
18.  Where Are You Going?  (Dave Mathews)
19.  Girlfriend  (N'Sync)

Actual songs requested in the Lake Quinault Casino and other selected E.T. events

1.   Born To Be Wild  (Steppenwolf)
2.   China Grove  (Doobie Brothers)
3.   Don't Fear The Reaper LIVE  (Blue Oyster Cult)
4.   Don't Wanna Miss a Thing  (Aerosmith)
5.   Brown Eyed Girl  (Van Morrison)
6.   One Way Out LIve   (Allman Brothers)
7.   Back In Black   (AC/DC)
8.   Joy To The World  (Three Dog Night)
9.   Bad To The Bone   (Geoprge Thourogood)
10. Caribean Queen  (Billy Oceon)
11.  Back In The USSR  (The Beatles)
13.  Purple Haze  (Jimmy Hendrix)
14.  Rock This Town  (Stray Cats)
15.  Whats Up  (4 Non Blondes)
16.  Born On The Bayou    (CCR)
17.  A Girl Like You  (The Smithereens)
18.  Any Man Of Mine  (Shania Twain)

1.   Happy Birthday  (Karaoke Version)
2.   Don't Do ME Like THat  (Tom Petty)
3.  Ce La Ve  (Bob Segar)
4.  Green River  (CCR)
5.  Crumblin' Down
6.   Beth   (Kiss)
7.   If THe House Is Rockin'  (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
8.   Don't Speak
9.   Get Up, Stand Up   (Bob Marley)
10.  Cowboy Song   (Thin Lizzy)
11.  Shadows Of THe Night  (Pat Benatar)
12.  Honey I'm Home  (Shania Twain)
13.  Ramblin' Man  (Allman Brothers)
14.  If You Don't Start Drinking, You Better Leave   (George Thourogood)
15.  Jessies Girl   (Rick Springfiels)
16.  Rock & Roll All Night  (Kiss)
17.  Surrender  (Cheap Trick)
18.  Funk 49  (James Gang)
19.  Take It Easy  (The Eagles)
20.  I Want You To Want Me  (Cheap Trick)
21.  Jealous Again  (Black Crows)
22.  Jial Break (Thin Lizzy)

1.   Midnight Hour  (The Commitments)
2.   Some Kind Of Wonderfull
3.   Dock Of The Bay  (Ottis Redding)
4.   The Kid Is Hot Tonight  (Loverboy)
5.    La Grange  (ZZ Top)
6.    Mama Don't Dance  (Loggins & Messina)
7.    China Girl  (David Bowie)
8.    Mustang Sally    (The Commitments)
9.    The Locomotion    (Grand Funk)
10.   Love Me 2 Times  (The Doors)
11.   I Wanna New Drug   (Huey Lewis)
12.   Love Shack  (B 52's)
13.   Satisfaction   (Rolling Stones)
14.   Roadhouse Blues  (The Doors)
15.   Sarah Smile  (Hall & Oates)
16.   Say It Isn't So    (Hall & Oates)
17.   Walk Of Life    (Dire Straights)
18.   You May Be Right  (Billy Joel)
19.   Man, I feel like a Woman  (Shania Twain)
20.   Miss You   (Rolling Stones)

1.   Ramblin' On My Mind  (Eric Clapton, blues) 
2.   Move It On Over   (George Thourogood)
3.   Money For Nothing    (Dire Straights)
4.   More than a Feeling   (Boston)
5.   Music Is The Docter   (Dooby Brothers)
6.   My Music   (Loggins & Messina)
7.   One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer   (George Thourogood)
8.   Proud Mary   (CCR)
9.   Oh Pretty Woman  (Roy Orbison)
10.  Old Time Rock & Roll   (Bob Segar)
11.  One Night With You  (Elvis Presley)
12.  It's Only Rock & Roll  (Rolling Stones)
13.  Running Down a Dream   (Tom Petty)
14.  Run Through The Jungle   (CCR)
15.  Shadows Of The Night  (Pat Benatar)
16.  Sharp Dressed Man   (ZZ TOP)
17.  Smoke On The Water   (Deep Purple)

1.   Shook Me All Night Long  (AC/CD)
2.   Soak Up The Sun  (Sheryl Crow)
3.   Layla  (Eric Clapton)
4.  Suzie Q   (CCR)
5.   Stray Cat Strut  (Stray Cat's)
6.   The Waiting  (Tom Petty)
7.   In The Mood   (Glenn Miller)
8.  Gimme All Your Loving  (ZZ TOP)
9.   Suspicious Minds   (Elvis Presley)
10.  Once You Give In   (Lenny Kravitz)
11.  Jump  (Van Halen)
12.   Turn The Page  (Bob Segar)
13.   Dancing Queen   (Abba)
14.   Stir It Up   (Bob Marley)
15.  Tush  (ZZ Top)
16.  Under My Thumb   (Rolling Stones)
17.  Godzilla Live  (Ble Oyster Cult)
18.  Sweet Child Of Mine   (Sheryl Crow)
19. classical piece

01.   Twist and Shout     (Beatles)
02.   Billy Jean               (Micheal Jackson)
03.   The Joker               (Steve Miller)
04.   Going To Get You Good    (Shania Twain)
05.   Heard It Through The Grapevine  (Marvin Gaye)
06.   Casey Jones    (Grateful Dead)
07.   Cocky              (Kid Rock)   
08.   Eye Of The Tiger    (Surviver)
09.   Dance To The Music   (Sly and The Family Stone)
11.   Three Times a Lady    (Commadoores)
12.   Fortunate Son             (CCR)
13.   Hollywood Nights        (Bob Segar)
14.   Beat It                          (Micheal Jackson)
15.   I Need To Know           (Tom Petty)
16.   Come As You Are         (Nirvana)
17.    Don't Stop Believing   (Journey)
18.   Jet Airliner                   (Steve Miller)
19.   I Wanna Take You Higher    (Sly and The Family Stone)
20.   Is This Love                  (WhiteSnake)

01.   I Saw Her Standing There          (Beatles)
02.   To Make You Feel My Love        (E.T.)
03.   Up                                               (Shania Twain)
04.   Rockin' Me Baby                         (Steve Miller)
05.   Once Bitten Twice Shy               (Great White)
06.   Running Down a Dream             (Tom Petty)
07.   What's Goin On?                        (Marvin Gaye)
08.   Two Tickets To Paradice            (Eddy Money)
09.    No Looking Back                       (Micheal Mcdonald)
10.   Open Arms                                 (Journey)
11.   Redemption Song                      (Bob Marley)
12.   Affirmation                                 (Savage Garden)
13.   Smells Like Teen Spirit              (Nirvana)
14.   Sweet Love                                (Commadoores)
15.   Heather Electronica                    (Electronica)
16.   Crash and Burn                           (Savage Garden)   
17.   Picture                                        (Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow)
18.   UnChained Melody                      (Ghost Instrumental)
19.   Pepe Romero Classical Piece     (Pepe Romero)

01.   Beer For My Horses                        (Willy Nelson an d Toby Kieth)
02.   country song                                   (Toby Keith)
03.   American Life                                 (Maddonna)
04.   What a Wonderful World                (Louie Armstrong)
05.   Superfreak                                      (James Brown)
06.   Forever My Lady                             (Jodeci)
07.   I Could Not Ask For More                (Sarah Evans)
08.   Work It                                            (Beyonce)
09.   Die Another Day Remix                  (Maddonna)
10.   Easy Ride                                        (Maddonna)
11.   Rock You                                         (Toby Keith)
12.   Legend Of Woody Swamp              (Charlie Daniels)
13.   HollyWood                                       (Maddonna)
14.   21 Questions                                    (50 Cent)
15.   Crazy In Love                                  (Beyonce and Jay Z.)
16.   Love Profusion                                (Maddonna)

01.   Satisfaction                                   (Rolling Stones)
02.   Respect                                         (Aretha Franklin)
03.   Stairway To Heaven                      (Led Zepplin)
04.   Like a Rolling Stone                      (Bob Dylan)
05.   Born To Run                                   (Bruce Springsteen) 
06.   Hotel California Unplugged           (Eagles)
07.   Light My Fire                                 (Doors)
08.   Good Vibrations                             (Beach Boys)
09.   Johnny B. Goode                           (Chuck Berry)
10.   Jailhouse  Rock                             (Elvis Presley)
11.   I Wanna Hold Your Hand               (Beatles)
12.   Purple Haze                                  (Hendrix)
13.   Hound Dog                                    (Elvis Presley)
14.   Walk This Way                              (Aerosmith)
15.   Rock Around The Clock                (Bill Haily and the Comets)
16.   Thattle Be The Day                       (Buddy Holly)
17.   California Dreamin'                       (Mamas and The Papas)

01.   Brown Eyed Girl                            (Van Morrison)
02.   Maggie Mae                                   (Rod Stewart)
03.   Great Balls Of Fire                         (Jerry Lee Lewis)
04.   The Twist                                       (Chubby Checker)
05.   Good Golly Miss Molly                   (Little Richard)
06.   More than a Feeling                      (Boston)
07.   Jump                                             (Van Halen)
08.   LaBamba                                       (Los Lobos)
09.   Papa Was a Rolling Stone             (Temptations)
10.   House Of The Rising Sun               (Animals)
11.   Taking Care Of Business                (BTO)
12.   Money For Nothing                         (Dire Straights)
13.   Old Time Rock and Roll                 (Bob Segar)
14.   Fly Like an Eagle                           (Steve Miller)
15.   We Will Rock You                           (Queen)
16.   Nights In White Satin                      (Moody Blues)
17.   Don't Stop Believin'                         (Journey)
18.   The Grand illusion                           (Stxy)

01.   After Midnite                                  (Eric Clapton)
02.   Material Girl                                  (Maddonna)
03.   Crocadile Rock                              (Elton John)
04.   Listen To The Music                       (Dooby Brothers)
05.   Superstsion Live                             (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
06.   Born To Be Wild                             (Steppenwolf)
07.   Time In a Bottle                              (Jim Croce)
08.   Leader Of THe Pack                        (Leslie Gore)
09.   Louie Louie                                     (Kingsman)
10.   You're Still The One                        (Shania Twain)
11.   I Will Allways Love You                   (Whitney Houston)
12.   I'm Never Going To Give You Up      (Rick Ashley)
13.   Shadow Dancing                              (Andy GIbb)
14.   Tie a Yellow Ribbon                         (Tony Olando and Dawn)
15.   Hey Jude                                          (The Beatles)
16.   Every Breath You Take                     (Police)
17.    I'm Still Standing                             (Elton John)
18.    Unforgettable                                   (Natalie and Nat King Cole)

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